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It's Personal...and it's coming to an end

by Wanda Taylor

 Our campaign at is almost over....

 It's been a fast 60 days.  We just wanted to say thank you to everyone that has supported our crowd funding campaign, both financially and through sharing.  Your generosity and support has meant the world to us.


With 6 days left, we are not there yet...

We've clearly not met our goal.  We guess it was a little ambitious.  We are proceeding with the completion of the social networking part of, anyway, and we will still be launching on Cyber Monday, December 2, 2013.  Please watch for the launch and perhaps follow us on or on Facebook. 

 Please consider...

...reviewing our campaign at Indiegogo and see why we believe this is a project worth investing in.  If you agree, we would appreciate whatever you can do to help.  Donations start at $1.00.  If you have been thinking that you have time, the time might be now.  And, please remember our contest for the free $100 visa card.  Here is the link to the terms and conditions:

We still believe... kids' rights to a safe and secure world to live, play, learn, and earn in and in parents' rights to the confidence that they can give kids the power of the internet within the safety that they deserve.  We believe that our friends, colleagues, educators, and partners care about this cause and care about education. 

 For those that have supported us...

...get ready for your Perks!  Coming soon!

 Thanks, again!








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