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Show Your Child How to Dream....because "It's Personal!"

by Wanda Taylor


I remember being 17 with unshakable ideals, values, and dreams.  I remember being part of the 60's revolution with our social consciousness music that continues to today.  I remember watching with my friends on a Sunday night when the Viet Nam draft lottery balls were dropping and praying that my boyfriend and other friends weren't going.  And, I remember the ones that didn't come back only too well.  I also remember dreaming that somehow I could make a difference in this world.  I wasn't quite sure how or why or when.  I just knew I was here for a reason. Still believe that.

I remember listening to Martin Luther King's "I Have a Dream" speech and being moved to tears.  I remember wondering why color should make a difference.  I remember debating the concept that women have a right to their own bodies.  And, I remember dreaming about my speech on Academy Award night. 

I remember my grandmother's unshakable faith and her humming "The Haven of Rest".  I remember family reunions big enough for 3 football teams....back then when children said "yes, ma'am" and "no ma'am".  I remember reading a book so deeply that everything around me faded into nothing.  I remember Elvis Presley and that gorgeous, soulful voice.

I had dreams then.  Big dreams.  At 60, I find myself reviewing them and being amazed at how my life has turned out.  About 7 years ago, I had a dream that kids could learn from each other by connecting on this vast internet highway in safety and security.  I had a dream that traditional education could shift and become more practical to daily living.  I had a dream that curiosity and imagination could change everything, with hard work and discipline.  I had a dream that learning could be fun AND productive.  I had a dream that kids could co-create their reality with wonderful guides called teachers.

Now I watch in amazement as we argue in Washington about, well, everything.  I watch how this country is paralized in apathy, powerlessness, and hunger for something beyond ourselves.  I look for clarity from the wise and find that we don't treat our seniors much better than we treat ourselves.  I look for the wisdom that is in the heart and face of young people and I see anger, fear, and apathy.  Not all of them; but, certainly a lot of them.  Where is their voice?  Why are we not listening?  Did anyone listen to us so long ago?  Have we become what we warned ourselves about?  Have we left this world a better place for them?  Can they survive us?

This video is a reminder that dreams are possible, if we only choose to believe.  The hard part, I think, is to never give up even in the face of, what appears to be, unbelievable odds.  Can we teach our children to find their place in this world and dream in ways that we used to?  And, more importantly, can we help them form connections with each other...across boundaries, across oceans, and across cultural boundaries? 

We hope so; because, that's our dream.  Enjoy the video.  If you want to be a part of this digital revolution, even if you don't understand it, please consider contributing to and by sharing this post and our site.

Thank you for taking this journey with us.  Please let us hear from you.





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