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It's more than just a browser!

by Wanda Taylor

The Emagic8r is so much more than just a browser: beginning with the highest level of security (predator and identity check), moving on to over 1200 safe games and videos, to social  networking, to custom rooms to play in, to customizing avatars, and to all kinds of cool resource, activity, and fun sites - all under one roof!

This tool is provided to our partners FREE OF CHARGE!  Yep, you heard that right.  We believe in our product so much and want to get it to as many children and families as possible, that we are giving it away for free.  Our partners provide their customers with a kid-friendly, safe, and fun tool and we get the exposure to millions of kids and families.  It's that simple.

Follow our launch and be a part of a new learning virtual world, coming later this year, of our browser plus.  Contact us and see how you can get onboard because Emagine-Nation changes everything!

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Wanda Taylor, MCC, is the CEO and creative designer of With over 23 years of experience in the world of learning, education, psychology, and technology, Wanda knows the value of curiosity, imagination, and discovery learning.  Follow Wanda and see why she believes that Emagine-Nation changes everything!

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