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by Wanda Taylor Launches Registration!

After nearly 7 years, has launched its pre-registration site for the upcoming May 4th, 2013 launch!

Registrants can get their very own Passport to Your Emagine-Nation by logging into and launching the registration page. Members can sign up as parents, kids, and educators. Parents are encouaged to register their child(ren) with them present as they will be able to customize their avatar and pick out their avatar name right then.


Passport to Your!

If kids are under 13, an email will be sent to their parents asking them to verify their registration and participation.  Kids will earn 5 Tribets (Emagine-Nation's online currency) for registering.  They can return each day to earn more by taking a Room Tour-of-the-Day, an Adventure-of-the-Day, and playing a Game-of-the-Day.  They will also receive a Quote-of-th-Day.  Tribets can be used at launch to create and customize each member's personal room, further customize their avatar, and unlock games and activities.

Kids over 13 will not need their parent's permission.  And, educators are also invited to sign up in order to take advantage of all the resources included in the site specifically for educators, such as lesson plans, websites, webquests, and more. 

Registraion Link:


Security and Safety Features has been designed and developed by licensed school psychologists, mental health counselors, certified educators, and academic coaches.  We researched the privacy and safety issues that kids, parents, and educators face today.  We interviewed kids to find out how they were getting around parental controls, school firewalls, and other monitoring systems.  We went to the source and designed an infrastructure and enviornment unparalleled in safety. 

Some of our features include:

  • safe search with content filtering
  • secure browser
  • internet application blocking with parental code access
  • video, picture, and file sharing controls, parental approval, and administrative approval
  • friend requests approved by parents
  • whitelist of educator-approved websites with parental ability to approve and add to whitelist (site grows as parent and children use it)
  • in-world site linking only (they can't get there from here by clicking on an ad, YouTube video, or other external link)
  • chat and group chat moderation
  • and more

Parents Don't Need a Doctorate in Parental Controls!

Kids know what to do.  And, even if parents are protecting their kids with at-home computer monitoring, kids access the internet at school other friends' houses, on their tablets, and on their phones.  Access is almost impossible to lock down unless parents download and use as their child's sole browser, search engine, and virtual world to play in.  We've designed it to be easy to use - we've already done all that work for you. 

Register today for, where your kids can have fun and get stuff done!


Watch our Launch Video















Welcome to your Emagine-Nation!

by Wanda Taylor

We are excited to announce the upcoming launch of our virtual suite of products called Our premiere launch, coming later this year, is The Emagic8r - our kid-friendly, safe, and secure web browser, with a focus on learning, that is really so much more than just a browser. It includes a secure search engine, thousands of safe games and videos, social networking, secure messaging, activities, avatar customization, custom rooms, and tons more. And, IT'S FREE! We are inviting kid-friendly companies and mommy bloggers to launch this tool within your own website and environment. All you have to do is tell us of your interest; and, we will work with you to add it to your product services and site. Don't miss this value-added opportunity to serve your customers in a new and unique way. Contact us today or request a demo and discover how you can be part of the World of Your



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