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The Creative Staff of Emagine-Nation...

by Wanda Taylor

 The creative staff at is pleased to bring you a full suite of products including a fun, safe, and secure browser, virtual academy, Campus Store, and virtual playground with a treehouse and underground cavern. With two worlds (designs), kids of all ages can play, learn, collaborate, and create.

Our staff is made up of school psychologists, counselors, educators, coaches, and design/web architects. has been designed, and created, by educational and learning certified specialists, developmental psychologists, and professional educators who are dedicated to bringing a 21st century skill set to kids around the globe. Whether you are a pre-schooler or college-aged student, there is something for everyone.


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Wanda Taylor, MCC, is the CEO and creative designer of With over 23 years of experience in the world of learning, education, psychology, and technology, Wanda knows the value of curiosity, imagination, and discovery learning.  Follow Wanda and see why she believes that Emagine-Nation changes everything!

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