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Emagine-Nation Loves Google!

by Wanda Taylor

Helping your kids search safely!

Google Safe Search + Custom Safe Search = Peace of Mind

Are you tired of needing a masters degree to understand parental control software?  Are you tired of knowing that your kids know more than you do about technology and that they are using it to get around conventional safety methods?  Are you tired of worrying about your kids being exposed to content that is not only not age appropriate BUT could also be harmful?  Surveys continually show that computer security is a top priority for parents and educators everywhere.  Knowing what is needed is different than knowing what to do about it or even how to implement the comprehensive set of solutions.  While safe search does not replace proper parental or educational supervision, has spent 7 years figuring out how to make your job easier and your kids safer.

Content filtering is a complex issue.  How does one tell the difference between the "sex of an amphibian" and it's "gender"?  Does your child know the difference when they craft a search query?  While computers are wonderful learning tools, they can expose kids to dangers like unwanted content and inappropriate contact from adults through the internet.    What are some of the ways that kids run into trouble trying to search information?

  • Explicit content exposed unintentionally or intentionally.
  • Explicit photos and videos.  Do you know that once a child gets on YouTube that they are free to look at the millions of unfiltered videos offered?
  • Inaccurate and personal information shared about others and to others (as in cyber-bullying).
  • Clicking on ads that contain malware and adware.

How can you teach your kids to recognize safety issues when searching for content?

  • Beware of "free" products or services.  Remember to teach them that things are rarely free and often require personal information.
  • Boxes or words that say "ad" or "advertisement". 
  • Adult-oriented graphics such as alcohol, diet pills, sexually suggestive figures.
  • "Pop-ups" - windows that appear suddenly and are unrelated to the content.  Avoid popups.
  • Strobe and animated effects.  These are designed to catch their attention for sales purposes or to capture personal information.
  • Automated downloads or words that say "Download Now".  Teach them to ask you about it before they click to download.

What we did about it. uses Google Safe Search for Kids.  In addition, we have assembled thousands of hand-selected sites approved one-by-one for safety and age appropriateness.  When your child attempts to go to a place they shouldn't, search for something that you wouldn't approve of, or search for something that isn't age appropriate, they will see a "content cop" that warns them that they are unable to see their search content or go to a site they've requested.  We have set the filtering to the highest degree of security and continue to monitor for keywords that might otherwise slip through.  Vigilance is our goal and our highest priority. 

What you can do about it.

Educate your child about the dangers of the internet.  Have the "cyber talk".  But, more importantly, teach them about safe access, safe search, and safe inquiry.  Register and download the Emagic8r,'s kid-friendly, safe and secure browser, search engine, social networking site, and virtual world.  Let us help you keep your kids safe.

Please feel free to tell us what you think or what your stories are about keeping your kids safe.

Go to and sign up for our pre-launch mailing list.  We are giving away prizes, free memberships and other goodies if you sign up by 12/1/13.


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