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It's's very personal!

by Wanda Taylor

Dear Readers,

We have launched a crowd funding campaign which has led to a lot of insights about human nature.  We have been surprised by the responses we've received and the ones that we have not received.  Friends and family members that we believed would have supported us, haven't.  Friends and those that we don't even really know well have.  We felt that starting the campaign with just $1.00 would give people a chance to give back or to support a worthy cause.  We have been shocked to find that people that we've contributed to in their lives don't even seem to have a dollar to support us or the cause.

So, we asked ourselves, "What in the world is this campaign showing us?"  We know that there are few organizations that really contemplate children's vulnerabilities on the internet, much less spend 7 years looking at the issues around children, the internet, internet safety, and the impact of social media on kids.  So, if the problem seems to be so obvious, why aren't more people, and especially those that we thought cared about causes such as this, or at least cared about the work we do, willing to become a part of the project as a way of doing something to help?

Obviously we can't read minds.  And, as we studied this campaign and reached out for feedback, we came up with a few conclusions such as these:

  • some people care about us but not about what we're doing
  • some people care but don't understand this problem
  • some people understand the problem but really don't care enough to get involved
  • some people care but don't believe they can make a difference
  • some people seem to be apathetic, feel overwhelmed and feel powerless when looking at any problem larger than their immediate life
  • and, some people just don't make the connection

With only 30 days left and $123,567 shy of our goal, we have a steep hill to climb.  Are we going to finish this project?  Yes, we are.  Why?  Because, now that we know what our kids are facing, there is no other choice.  Do we need help?  Yes, we do.  Can you still help?  Yes, you can.  How?  Obviously, we would appreciate a donation since it starts at just $1.00.  And, equally as important is our need for getting some viral information out so that we can speed this conversation up by sharing and sharing and sharing.  Talk about this, if you do not choose to donate.  We don't care if the conversation reflects pleasure or displeasure with our campaign.  Please just talk about the current state that our kids face today.

There is a quote, "all that is required for evil to exist is for good men to do nothing."

For the next 30 days, I will be posting some information about this topic in hopes of making this campaign personal.  I choose to believe in the kindness and generosity in people.  I choose to believe that it's not that people don't care.  It's that they don't understand.  So, my attempt will be to help people understand why this is very personal.

State of America's Children as reported by the Child Defense Fund

Here are just a few facts about "other" people's children in America:

  • There are 16.4 million poor children in rich America, 7.4 million living in extreme poverty. 
  • Children under five are the poorest age group in America.  
  • One in four infants, toddlers and preschoolers are poor during the years of greatest brain development. 
  • A majority of public school students and more than three of four Black and Hispanic children, who will be a majority of our child population by 2019, are unable to read or compute at grade level in the fourth or eighth grade and will be unprepared to succeed in our increasingly competitive global economy."

Why is that personal?  Beyond the obvious, from a humanitarian position, these same children are sitting next to your children, that is unless your child is home schooled or in a private school.  We don't want to say the things that are not politically correct; but, we will anyway. These kids often lack stimulation, or even the basic nutrition, to ensure that their brain is functioning properly and developing as it should.  While kids are enormously resilient, if we all are not telling the truth about this brain drain in America and saying it out loud, it will not be properly addressed.  We know what is required for development; but, we still push the wrong things.  Rote memory is often difficult for kids with short term memory issues and processing deficits.  We require them to memorize stuff that they could look up in a matter of seconds.  We hang on to old values and principles in a paradigm that clearly is broken.  We are requiring that schools offer alternative methods of distance learning; but, we don't prepare students for that.  We talk about kids "going outside and playing more" as we hand them the iPad.  Don't get us wrong.  We are FOR technology.  But, more importantly, we are for understanding how the world has changed, how we should step up and guide their process in that change, and about what creates a healthy connection.  

Over the next 30 days, I will talk to you about the state of our kids in America today; which, of course, includes the state of our educational system.  We hope that you will take this journey, gain more knowledge, and find a way to step in.  Our kids need it.  They need us.  Because, it's very personal.

Thanks for listening.  But, more importantly, thanks for getting involved.



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